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jessica wang wearing chic sleepwear by victoria's secret // Jessica Wang -

Victoria’s Secret PJ Set (also love this one and this one)

Is anyone guilty of wearing the same old t-shirt to bed? Not going to lie, I do have that one old, yet cozy oversized tee that I love wearing to sleep but I did decide that my sleepwear solutions could use a bit of an upgrade. Some of you might be wondering why would I waste money on clothes no one is going to see you in? I find that cozy, high-quality pajamas helps me to unwind during the nighttime, lifts my mood, and just generally makes me feel good – which I think all fashion should do. So if you are ready to retire that old, worn-in t-shirt, I rounded up some chic sleepwear you won’t be embarrassed to be seen in.

jessica wang wearing chic sleepwear set by victoria's secret // Jessica Wang -
PJ Sets

One of my go-to sleepwear investments are pajama sets. Funnily enough, I find there is a certain level of satisfaction achieved when knowing you can put on a matching shirt and pant to wind down the evening in. Within this loungewear category, there is a lot of breadth to choose from. Casual cotton or linen sets are ideal for the minimalist who wants something practical to wear for night. There are also silk sets featuring an array of bold prints for those who want to make a chic statement for the evening. Or to go a step further, there are pajamas complete with feather trim for all the glam girls. Whatever your style preference might be, I promise you will find yourself getting excited to get ready for bedtime!

chic sleepwear featuring a slip dress // Jessica Wang -
Chemise & Slip Dresses

For those seeking a classy loungewear option, the slip dress is your number one solution. Perhaps this would take the cake for most comfortable because it is a lightweight, barely there option as far as pajamas go. In fact, I do find myself gravitating more towards this type of sleepwear during the spring and summer because of how light and sleek they naturally are. As far as style goes, these could be completely demure and modest! A simple satin chemise is perfect for daily wear and totally something you could layer with a robe or cardigan. Or if you are willing to go a bit more daring and bold, there are some really flattering slip dress options with additional lace detailing.

fashion blogger wearing sweatpants as a chic sleepwear set // Jessica Wang -

As we all know, sweatpants have taken on a life of their own, especially in the past year. No longer are they deemed solely for the lazy and careless. Instead, many fashion icons, celebrities and influencers alike have been happily wearing them out and about instead of just in the confines of their home. However, sweats are also good for keeping around to act as the tried and true loungewear. They are irresistibly cozy and so easy to throw on and call it a night. If you are looking for a more warm weather option, I have been seeing a ton of variations in lighter weight sweatshirts and sweat shorts instead of your typical heavy duty pieces. But the latter is also completely viable for year round wear, especially if you are one to blast the AC indoors all season long!

knit set makes a chic sleepwear option // Jessica Wang -

Knit Loungewear

Some of the more chic loungewear options to arise out of 2021 is knit. This is a really nice way to add some texture into your pajama wear collection. Brands such as Skims and Zara have really pushed their fuzzy knit crop tops and shorts but I am sure we will continue to see these all throughout the year. When you start to shop these for yourself, you will definitely want to wear them to grab a cup of chamomile tea and cozy up on the sofa!

chic sleepwear featuring stripe robe // Jessica Wang -

You cannot talk about chic sleepwear without including robes too. I feel like once you become a robe person you will never go back! It is always nice to have one on hand for when you jump out of the shower or when you step out of the bed when it is still a little chilly in the early morning. There are a lot of options here too. Different fabrications like cotton, silk, and plush all make for different aesthetics and uses. I love having a soft plush one on hand for when it gets a bit cold in the house and a chic, silk one for throwing on for a little extra coverage.

I hope this inspires you to treat yourself to a new and chic sleepwear collection! May it help you to achieve better beauty rest!

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