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Biggest Jewelry Trends - Statement Drop Earrings, Green Statement Earrings //

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There are always a few things signature of my outfits – and that’s usually something colorful, a killer statement accessory (like a killer handbag, shoes, or sunglasses), and exaggerated jewelry. I almost always never leave my home without a cheeky piece of jewelry whether that’s earrings hanging down to my shoulders, layered necklaces, or stacked rings. I don’t talk about jewelry enough here on my blog, so I wanted to have a dedicated post for the biggest jewelry trends this year.

Whether you’re a minimalist when it comes to jewelry or like to go all out, these are the biggest jewelry trends you need to know in 2018.

Biggest Jewelry Trends - Free People Anklet //

Mismatching Earrings

Gone are the days of matchy matchy and all things symmetrical. This spring and summer, why not try something new like mismatching earrings? You can start by mixing different studs you already own or purchasing a new set with two distinct styles. I’m currently obsessing over an asymmetrical set where one sits closer to the ear and the other is dangling.

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Shoulder-Drop Earrings

A style that’s hot and trending for Spring are shoulder-grazing drop earrings. This is one you often see me wearing whether it’s oversized flowers, strands of crystals, or fringe! I love how these types of earrings frame the face and brighten it up! They’re great for the warmer weather when you can wear sleeveless tops.


A newer style of jewelry I’m currently eyeing are anklets. I remember wearing these growing up but have gotten away from them since. What a pleasant surprise to see them come back in 2018. They serve as a small, decorative piece when you’re wearing cropped jeans, cutoffs, or mini skirts – anything that shows off your legs regardless of what your shoes look like! I love how subtle it looks.

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Biggest Jewelry Trends - Free People Anklet //


Plastic/Clear Jewelry

Clear Plastic Earrings //

One of the earring styles I noticed myself picking often during fashion week is the clear/plastic jewelry look. I have tons of earrings in this style already. I love this transparent trend because it looks stunning when light reflects off of it – especially when I’m wearing a colorful outfit.

Biggest Jewelry Trends - Pinky rings //

Signet & Pinky Rings

Another trend I spy creeping up on us are signet and pinky rings! I’ve seen tons of people wearing signet rings on their pinky finger, but there are no rules! When you’re feeling like keeping your jewelry to a bare minimum, this is the one to wear.

Photo by InStyle


Whether you’re looking to jazz up your collar with a fancy pin, decorate your blazer, or keep your scarf together, brooches seem to be the finishing touch these days. It can look a little preppy and pulled together, but if you find the right one, it can be as edgy or unkempt as you’d like!
Biggest Jewelry Trends - Brooch //

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What are the biggest jewelry trends you’re loving this year?

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