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fashion blogger jessica wang at home wearing yellow boots and khaki trousers sharing the best iphone accessories for influencers // Jessica Wang -

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Being quarantined at home for the past six months has been no easy feat. If it’s taught me anything, it’s to not let feeling stuck get in the way of creating cool content. I was definitely forced out of my comfort zone and have experimented with various types of content throughout this time. The ones you guys have given me the best feedback on are my iPhone-related videos! Today, I thought I’d share some of the best iPhone accessories you can buy from Amazon to elevate your at-home content. They’re what I’ve been using consistently for my TikTok videos, Instagram Reels and Stories.

fashion blogger jessica wang at home wearing yellow boots and khaki trousers sharing the best iphone accessories for influencers // Jessica Wang -

Selfie Stick Tripod

So many of you guys asked me about this Selfie Stick Tripod – and here it is for under $30! I like that you can use it to take pictures/videos while liberating your hands. It also comes with a wireless, pocket-sized bluetooth remote that lets you take selfies from up to 30 feet. It’s been one of the best iPhone accessories I got this year and is what you guys often see me using when shooting in front of the mirror.

Selfie Ring Light With Tripod Stand

Got crappy lighting in the home? No problem. This Selfie-Ring Light comes with a tripod stand and cell phone holder. The light itself can be adjusted between three different temperatures so you can find the best light for your needs. If you’re into selfies, portraits, or creating videos, I’d say this is essential to give you a flattering glow in front of the camera. Plus, it’s just under $40.

Mirror Phone Case

Another item I get asked about is my phone case! It’s from Amazon and will only cost you $10. I love having a mirrored phone case because I can always double check to make sure I don’t have lipstick on my teeth or makeup smeared on my face right before a session. While you’re out and about, it’s also nice to not have to carry a separate mirror with you.

Lazy Cell Phone Holder

You can take photos or video anywhere with your phone with a lazy cell phone holder. It features an adjustable mount and will attach to just about anything. You can even set it up around your waist and neck or next to your bed when you’re “too lazy” to hold your phone. It looks kind of ridiculous on, but hey, it works!

fashion blogger jessica wang at home carrying burberry umbrella while sharing the best iphone accessories for influencers // Jessica Wang -

iPhone Guerilla Tripod

If you want the flexibility of a tripod that you can keep on your desk, travel with, or attach to other items in your home, like floor lamps, perhaps you’ll find this guerilla tripod handy. It’s great for vlogging in the car too! It’s similar to the lazy cell phone holder above, but might work better for you depending on your needs and expectations.

Phone Stand Pack

This Phone Stand Pack comes in a set of four so you can keep one at your home office, at work, on the kitchen, or anywhere else you might need it. It also holds up iPads pretty well if you’re watching videos. I find this nifty gadget particularly useful for when I’m doing a quick story or selfie for Instagram.

Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

There are so many reasons to love this cell phone stand. The color is perfect, it’s super easy to store, and really convenient to travel with. You can also use it while your phone is charging whether you’re watching makeup tutorials on YouTube or recording one yourself! One of my favorite features is that it can be adjusted to different angles.

Ultra Compact Wireless Charger

With handbags getting smaller, I can really appreciate that portable phone chargers are getting smaller too! This one comes with a built-in cable that’s suitable for the iPhone 11, iPhone xs, iPhone x and more. I can’t travel anywhere without it, especially on road trips lately! I also love this one, which is great if you have a Samsung phone.

For more of the best iPhone accessories, you can check out my Amazon storefront as I’m constantly adding things to the list! If you guys are able to snag any of these iPhone accessories, let me know how they’re working for you!

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