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The Best Apps to Optimize Your Blog and Business - Sheer Ruffle Blouse with White Jeans, cute summer outfit //

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March is a sign that the first quarter of 2018 is almost over – and that means it’s time to buckle down and analyze your blog and business. I see blogging as a true creative endeavor, but it’s also one that I take seriously when it comes to strategy. If you’re in the process of some Spring cleaning and want to take your blog to another level of seriousness, then you’ll find today’s topic useful. I’m sharing the best apps to optimize your blog – or whatever side hustle you’re pursuing. Technology has fueled my growth and I want to show you exactly how.

Say good bye to disorganization, clutter, and confusion – and get started below with my favorite and best apps to optimize your blog.

The Best Apps to Optimize Your Blog and Business - coffee shop //

For staying organized…

As an entrepreneur, it’s important for me to be able to manage multiple projects simultaneously along with ensuring content gets posted regularly on my blog. Here are the apps I use to achieve that:

Trello – I have been a long-time and avid user of Trello and I swear by it! It’s great for managing your editorial calendar because you can create endless lists in it and then organize tasks within those lists by color. I use it to keep track of sponsored versus organic content and manage blog post ideas. I also love that you can use it to communicate with others within your team.

Wunderlist – This is probably one of my most-used apps, which I also recommended in my travel tips post from a while back. My to-do list is never ending and Wunderlist helps me manage those to-dos in the most simple way. My favorite part is that I can also create lists for others on my team in one place. They can easily view and check them off here.

Reminders – For more timely to-dos, it doesn’t get easier than the Reminders app on your iPhone. The benefit of Reminders is that you can set when and where you want to be reminded.

Dropbox – I shoot so much content that it can sometimes get overwhelming to manage. Dropbox is king for storing, organizing, and sharing photos. If a client needs photos for approval, I can also send a link from here. So convenient!
The Best Apps to Optimize Your Blog and Business - NYC coffee shop //

For planning content…

UNUM – The ‘gram is everything for a social media influencer like me. If you’re looking for an inexpensive but efficient way to manage your Instagram feed, you must get on UNUM. Most feed planning apps aren’t free these days but UNUM is… Use it to schedule posts or get reminders!

For communicating…

Slack – I’ve relied on text for years, but I know how easily work communications can get lost in personal when it comes to text. That’s where Slack comes in. Think of it as a workspace that connects everyone on a team. You can have individual one-on-one or all-inclusive group conversations.

For photography…

VSCO – Though I usually shoot with a DSLR, I sometimes resort to my phone for photos. In that case, my photos also need to be edited. VSCO is great because they offer some of the best filters out there that can be tweaked to your own liking.

Snapseed – This is another popular blogger favorite because it’s SOOO good. It’s great for highlighting details, spot correcting, and adjusting the contrast plus other amazing deets.

Cute CUT Pro – Creative video stories have been on the rise these last few months. If you’re looking for an easy way to make fun stories, this is the app to get. You can layer images with videos and create interesting layouts.

For finances…

Venmo – This is one of the best and most efficient ways to transfer money in cases where you need to split a bill or reimburse someone. Get it now!

The Best Apps to Optimize Your Blog and Business - summer rooftop outfit, sequin dress, strappy sandals //

Paypal – When hiring contractors or freelancers, Paypal is the most common way to send funds – plus it’s great for tracking expenses paid out for projects. Highly recommend!

Shoeboxed – If you’re a smaller blogger or just starting out with freelance jobs, Shoeboxed is a great app for tracking and labeling your receipts and expenses especially while traveling (when everything can easily get lost). Simply take a photo of it and the app will store it for you.

I love learning about new apps, so if there’s something you’re using that I’m not, let me know below!

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