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Trends I am ditching in 2020 - Alice + Olivia sequin blazer, leopard graphic tee, high rise skinny jeans, leopard print stretch ankle boots, Mignonne Gavigan jewelry //

Alice + Olivia Sequin Blazer | Graphic Tee Similar| High Rise Skinny Jeans Similar | DSW Leopard Print Ankle Boots Similar | Earrings Similar

Merry Christmas, guys! Like all good things, certain trends come to an end. Granted, it doesn’t mean your favorite top or pair of pants needs to be banished from your wardrobe forever – fashion is still very much cyclical and there is no doubt every trend will resurface once again. To be quite candid, I never believe in completely ditching a trend. I merely wanted to discuss the looks I am moving away from in 2020 in hopes of trying out new looks that might arise. As we enter the new year, it is the perfect occasion to ‘Marie Kondo’ your closet and get rid of those items that haven’t seen the light of day in a long time. Here are the trends I am ditching in 2020 and what I will be replacing them with!

Trends I am ditching in 2020: Rothy's pointed flats, rothy's leopard print flats // Notjessfashion.comred lipstick, leopard print jacket //

Trends I am ditching in 2020: leopard print dress, blue faux fur cardigan, Mignonne Gavigan jewelry //

Leopard Slip Skirt
Trade them for: Utilitarian style

If I look back on the fashion landscape from the past year, the first thing that comes to my mind is animal print. Everything from the infamous cheetah printed midi skirt to zebra blouses had their moment in 2019. This is one of the

trends that hit the market in full force and it was inevitable that it had to come to an end. In the new year, I will definitely be stepping away from animal print skirts and will make more room for looks like utilitarian jumpsuits and boiler jackets, which still allow you to maintain that safari inspired style.

Trends I am ditching in 2020 - cowboy boots, black blouse with puff sleeves, plaid mini skirt //

Cowboy Boots
Trade them for: Slouchy Boot

In the beginning of fall we saw a spike in western style accessories, with cowboy boots as the most notable on the scene. This footwear option was getting upgraded in a more modern, urban twist and every fashion insider was pairing their rodeo shoes with jeans and patterned dresses. However, it’s time to hang your lasso up. In 2020, we’re replacing those looks with more contemporary styles such as slouchy leather boots.

Trends I am ditching in 2020 - pull over sweater, utility pants, mini fendi handbag, metallic boots //

Trade them for: Top Handle Bags

Perhaps one of the more unique trends to transpire this past year was the movement to make everything micro. It started with the tiny sunglasses and evolved into microscopic bags made famous by Jacquemus. Although, more of a novelty item, I am ready to ditch this for something a bit more practical. Top handle bags are the perfect accessory for all your looks this upcoming year (and can fit more than a single chapstick).

Trends I am ditching in 2020 - bold patterned dress //

Bold Graphics
Trade them for: Neutrals

This is a trend I will most certainly never let go of, but I will definitely be minimizing the amount of bold graphics I’ll be wearing.

Loud patterns and logoomania will be minute in 2020 and you will definitely see an uptick in solids, specifically neutrals. Ecru, beige and natural will be redone in a multitude of styles and looks.

color block blazer and lavender boots // Notjessfashion.comugg logo sweater //

hair clips trend fashion week 2020 //

Trends I am ditching in 2020 - hair clip, faux fur coat //

Hair Clips
Trade them for: Headbands

As far as hair accessories seem to go, every It Girl wouldn’t be caught dead without the addition of a hair pin in place. Now, this trend is on its way out and being replaced with headbands (think Blair Waldorf circa Season 1). Everything from pearl encrusted headbands to patterned silk hair scarves will be fair game in 2020.

Cropped Jeans
Trade them for: Full Length Denim

Cropped jeans will always have a place in my wardrobe, but I’ve been playing with full-length hemlines lately and have been loving the edgier vibe. They surprisingly add quite a bit of the height when worn with heels and you can style them just as you would your skinny jeans too!

Seashell Jewelry
Trade them for: Anklets

Lastly, the jewelry world also sees trends come and go with the seasons. In the midst of summer and into fall, seashell jewelry had a big moment. As we enter into the new year, we’re seeing a resurgence of anklets. This is going to be huge in terms of being able to accentuate your footwear and add a little sparkle to your look in unexpected places.

What trends are you ditching in 2020?

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