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Jessica Wang wearing a trendy vacation outfit featuring a delos one piece swimsuit and hera chiffon skirt // Jessica Wang -

Caroline Constas Delos One Piece | Caroline Constas Hera Chiffon Skirt | Chain Belt Similar | Earrings Similar 

It is true that I am constantly jet setting off to a lot of different places for work but my favorite type of travel will forever be family vacations. I recently just got back from a couple days of paradise at the Four Seasons in Costa Rica and the whole family came along. It was incredibly relaxing and Hazel and Capri had so much fun eating and playing at the beach all day. Even though it was a family trip, I still wanted to look my best – you know how I will take any excuse to dress up! I thought I would share some pieces I strategically packed with me so you can get inspired for your next upcoming beachside getaway. See the 8 trendy vacation pieces I brought on my trip.

Jessica Wang wearing a trendy vacation outfit featuring a tropical maxi dress // Jessica Wang -

Jessica Wang wearing a trendy vacation outfit featuring a floral maxi dress // Jessica Wang -
Tropical Maxi Dresses

Nothing sets the vacay mood quite like a tropical printed maxi dress. When I am embarking on a more easy-going beach trip, packing multiple long dresses is a no brainer because they never fail to look good and be comfortable! Plus, you can easily position them for both casual and formal settings. I am specifically calling out tropical florals (rather than a vintage rose or garden botanical) and brighter color palettes as it really helps to set the tone.

Jessica Wang wearing a trendy vacation outfit featuring a chain belt and swimsuit // Jessica Wang -

Waist Chains

In terms of swimwear trends for 2022, there has definitely been an emphasis on glam hardware that is interwoven into the design. However, one easy way to achieve the look without necessarily having to invest in an entirely new swimsuit is to just get a waist chain instead. This singular accessory immediately elevates even the most ordinary bikini. Plus, it is a fun trend to play into!

Jessica Wang wearing a trendy vacation outfit featuring a linen dress with feather accent slides // Jessica Wang -

Feather Accents

There is something about a beach resort that makes me want to go all out with my outfits. If you are looking for a few pieces that can add some excitement to your array of vacation looks, I highly recommend opting for something with a bit of feather detail. These days, you can find this

Jessica Wang wearing a trendy vacation outfit featuring a color block dress with feather slides // Jessica Wang -

glam trim on just about anything – from heels, to tops, to dresses.

Jessica Wang wearing a trendy vacation outfit featuring a cutout swimsuit // Jessica Wang -

Cutout One-Piece Suits

Personally, I am a big fan of both two-piece swimsuits and one-piece swimsuits but for this vacation, I found myself gravitating towards the latter! They are just as flattering as any bikini and can still play into all of the latest trends like the cut out. There are so many degrees too. For modest dressers, you can opt for a one-piece with a minimal keyhole or go for the daring monokini with more intricate cut outs.

Jessica Wang wearing a trendy vacation outfit featuring a white outfit with slides // Jessica Wang -


It is not a proper beach vacation without some sort of slides! Luckily, these easy-to-put-on sandals are still incredibly in-demand. When it comes to a chill vacation where you are constantly shuffling from the pool to the hotel room, a pair of easy slides is a must. Minimal Birkenstock slides are great for those who want a shoe that is versatile but for those who still want to make a statement, shop slides in pop colors.

Jessica Wang wearing a trendy vacation outfit featuring a puff sleeve mini dress with platform heels // Jessica Wang -

Platform Shoes

If you plan on stepping out for an evening to enjoy a nice dinner, you will ultimately want a different footwear choice than the aforementioned slides. I could not help but to bring a pair of platform heels with me to Costa Rica because they have been my latest obsession. These sky-high shoes will immediately elevate (literally, too) any look you style them with.

Jessica Wang wearing a two piece swimsuit with sunglasses // Jessica Wang -

Statement Sunglasses

When your plan is to spend hours in the sunshine, you sunnies are an absolute must to pack with you to block those harsh rays. A pair of statement sunglasses is an easy way to dress up your casual beach look. If you want to tap into the latest trends, sporty hexagon frames, Y2K rimless shades, and oval shapes are favored by fashionistas these days.

Hair Claw Clips

My last tidbit that I was sure to pack in my bags for Costa Rica are hair clips! There have been so many cute upgrades to this hair accessory and I am here for all of it. Whether it be fun printed claw clips, butterfly shapes, or rhinestone embellishments, these claw clips are the most stylish way to quickly throw your hair in an updo. While on vacation, I made sure to fasten one to my bag wherever we went.

What trendy vacation pieces will you travel with?

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