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fashion blogger jessica wang sitting in backyard and sharing ways to boost health and wellness at home // Jessica Wang

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I‘m starting to lose track of the number of days I’ve spent social distancing with my family. Not going to lie, it gets tough with two little ones in the house 24-7 when they are used to going out on a daily basis. Constant confinement indoors is enough to make anyone feel anxious and nervous. But the whole nation is solidified in this constant state of wait-and-see what happens. However, it’s best for everyone’s mental wellness to try and not let the uncertainty of the future to consume your entire day.

In addition to trying to find new, creative things I can do with the family while quarantined, I am also making it a point to work on my own health and wellness – and incorporate things into my daily routine that keep me calm. If you need a little bit of relaxation, read on for some ways you can start now.

fashion blogger jessica wang wearing acne suit and sharing ways to boost health and wellness at home // Jessica Wang -Notjessfashion.comAdd CBD To Your Routine

CBD is a great product to try for everyday health and wellness. It can be used daily to treat a wide variety of issues whether you’re looking to manage your anxiety levels, improve your hair and skin quality, or even reduce chronic pain (think backaches, menstrual-related pain, and more). Over a year ago, I started taking CBD supplements by Sagely Naturals to help with my stress levels and it definitely helped me stay calm and sleep better. If you find yourself constantly stressed in the past week, it could be a good time to add CBD to your routine.

fashion blogger jessica wang wearing jogger set and kitten heels while sharing ways to health and wellness at home // Jessica Wang -Notjessfashion.comYoga

I’ve never been the type of person to head to the gym on a daily basis even when the world was not in lockdown mode. However, I am finding that it is so important to get your body moving during this time period and yoga happens to be a great practice for fitness and for benefiting the mental state. There are so many amazing yogis, such as Boho Beautiful or Yoga with Adriene, who walk you through a session for free on YouTube. Or if you are the type of person who still needs that group motivation, try enrolling in an online yoga class on Zoom.

fashion blogger jessica wang promoting health and wellness at home // Jessica Wang -Notjessfashion.comMaintain Your Social Connections

Thankfully, today’s current technology means we are not completely cut off from the world. With things like Facetime, Skype, Snapchat and Instagram, it is easy to stay in contact with all your friends and family. Use this time to catch up with your loved ones via video chat so you can still maintain your relationships without putting anyone in danger. You can even organize a virtual happy hour with your friends by chatting with your favorite drink in hand!

fashion blogger jessica wang's self care routine for health and wellness at home // Jessica Wang

Self-Care Rituals

When I think of health and wellness, my thought immediately goes to my favorite self-care acts. In quarantine, be sure to maintain things such as your skincare routine, daily water intake and any other beauty habit you would adhere to in normal circumstances. In fact, you can also use this time to try out new routines too. Here are some ways you can start:

Dry Body Brushing

So many celebrities swear by dry body brushing, especially supermodels (e.g. Miranda Kerr). It helps detoxify your system, diminishes cellulite, keeps the skin super soft and smooth, and removes dead skin cells. The good news is, a dry body brush is super affordable – and it’s not a time consuming process. You can apply some oil on the brush or use it bare. This article provides some good tips on how to use a dry body brush!

Move Your Body

The quickest way to get your body to relax is to move! Pop on some good music and let loose. Since dancing is expressive, it helps the mind escape mentally and thereby reducing stress and anxiety.

Incorporate Superfoods into Your Diet

The weather is just starting to get warmer so there’s no better time to whip up a good smoothie or acai bowl. Another ritual to add now is to try superfoods. I love bee pollen, maca powder, turmeric, liquid chlorophyll, and more!

A Cup of Tea

Nothing beats ending the day with a warm cup of tea. Sit in silence with a good book and zero electronics. You can even light up a candle while you’re at it. With wellness teas booming right now, there’s no shortage of options to help you cleanse and detox or boost your immune system. (Love this set here!)

How to Organize Your Closet, Chanel Vanity Bag, White Maxi Dress // Notjessfashion.comDress the Part

As someone who is so in tune to clothing, I have also been keeping myself sane by trying to dress up as if I am going out and about. Think about it. If you roll out of bed and stay in your sweats or pajamas all day, chances are this will muddle with your wellbeing and general motivation. Whereas, if you maintain your routine and wake up, wash up and get dressed you are going to naturally feel a lot better. You owe it to yourself to still put in effort and look cute even when you are stuck social distancing! Fortunately, lots of retailers dropped some great sales this weekend. Be sure to take a look at Topshop, Nordstrom, FWRD, Neiman Marcus, and Moda Operandi.

fashion blogger jessica wang promoting health and wellness at home // Jessica Wang

Get a Breath of Fresh Air

Social distancing does not mean you literally cannot take a step outside. Grab a good book and set up a comfy chair on your patio or in your backyard. If you do not have an outdoor space, you can certainly take a walk outside. Just be cautious if you do live in a city climate in case there are a lot of people out and about with the same idea. At least spring is finally here so the weather is warming up. Some fresh air and vitamin D does wonders in terms of calming the soul and lifting the spirits.

How are you stepping up your health and wellness at this time?

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