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We’re more than half way through the year and all I can think about is how fast time flies. But thinking about that isn’t going to slow things down – in fact, it’s probably only going to get crazier. With that said, it’s time to plan ahead to August through the remainder of the year. I suggest you start by investing in yourself since it’s one of the best ROI’s (return on investment) you can have. If you’re not sure what this means, read on for five ways to invest in yourself, develop your skills, serve others, and ultimately upgrade your life.

ways to invest in yourself, banana republic style, lavender outfit // Notjessfashion.com1. Spend the first 30 minutes of your day getting grounded

I used to be that person that rolls over first thing in the morning and check my emails and Instagram. And it really set the tone for the rest of the day. I’d always feel rushed, irritated, spaced out, and disconnected. Once I realized it was time for a change, I started to spend the first 30 minutes of my day getting grounded. Whether it’s meditating, journaling, or going for a walk/run, your thoughts are better processed, you’re present wherever you go, and can deal with whatever arises in an optimal way.

ways to invest in yourself, banana republic style, lavender outfit //

2. Pay yourself in the first hour of every day

Become the boss of your money by paying yourself your hourly rate (whatever that may be) in the first hour of everyday. Transfer this dollar to a separate financial account and watch it grow in a short time frame.

3. Find courses and workshop that build your self-worth and self-confidence

You need to give to yourself before you can give to others. And that means taking responsibility in developing your mindset and talents, so you can stand as a source of love and accountability for yourself and others. Sometimes reading books and blogs isn’t enough. Workshops and mentors can be more effective because there’s someone experienced to guide you, especially when you break down. They can also support you with effective tools that you can apply throughout your life.

ways to invest in yourself, express outfit, chic workwear looks // Notjessfashion.com4. Find something you’re good at, get great at it, then turn it into a side hustle

Whether you’re looking to achieve a certain financial goal or simply want to build your self-confidence, there’s no better way to do it than to become great at something you’ll eventually get paid for. This can often be a long process so I encourage you to experiment, practice, stay consistent, and get feedback. Great places to start are blogging :), photography, writing, jewelry making, web design, coding, online courses – the options are endless!

5. Set the vision but focus on 90-day goals

While I love setting big goals, it’s so hard to stay on track when you’re constantly getting lost in the details of everyday. Plus, so much can happen in so little time that big picture goals and change or become irrelevant. I’m now a fan of setting goals that align with a certain vision but are measurable within a 90-day span. It’s been the best thing ever for staying accountable and on track.

What results are you guys looking to create by the end of the year?

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