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As much as I am grateful I managed to make a career from blogging, I will also be the first to admit that social media can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. Since I started relying on my digital presence to make a living, the pressure has to increased tenfold (in comparison to my former corporate job). Instagram is an amazing resource for sharing experiences, making like-minded friends and expressing creativity, but it can also be an ugly space that brings out the worst in people. That is why I thought it was important to share my 5 tips on dealing with social media negativity.

1. Build a Supportive Community

The best way to decrease exposure from any social media negativity is to be proactive about the content you choose to see. Never be afraid to unfollow the people who are exuding hostility and constantly creating drama. That is the last thing you want to see when scrolling through your feed. Curating a community of supportive individuals who radiate positivity will in turn, make social media more enjoyable and less catty and superficial. If there’s a feed that stirs of negative emotions, take that as a sign that you should stop looking at it.

2. Radiate Kindness

Now that you have assembled a feed of positive users, take some time to spread the kindness. Social media can be such an exhausting space but imagine the difference it would make if everyone went out of their way to be supportive to one another. Simply, liking an individual’s photo or leaving them an encouraging comment is a great way to spread the positivity! Remember that this isn’t just about you. Learning to support other people also helps you feel better about yourself.

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3. Don’t Give in to Negativity

On the other hand, it seems the more your audience grows, the more hatred you receive from users you have never even interacted with. The internet is a funny thing and some people get false empowerment from hiding behind a screen. Oftentimes, I see random users making assumptions about a blogger or leaving superficial nasty comments.

I have found that the best way to deal with this direct social media negativity, is to simply don’t give in to them. People who go out of the way to leave a negative comment are often looking for the user to get riled up and leave a fiery response. Don’t give them that satisfaction! Delete the comment if needed or respond politely and humorously (@manrepeller does an excellent job of this). After all, you attract more bees with honey than with vinegar.

4. Have Fun

If you find social media has become more of a chore than it is time to go back to the root of it all. Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat were all created with the intention of building communities and fostering relationships. Above all, social media’s main purpose is to always have fun. So remind yourself of this if you ever feel discouraged – and stop comparing yourself to others! It can be hard, especially if your career relies on it, but your own happiness should always come first.

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5. Take Breaks

Lastly, it is absolutely okay to take a social media cleanse. At the end of the day, if you find scrolling through your feed is too overwhelming, put down your phone for a few hours and be more present in your day-to-day. Once your head is cleared, you can return to your account with a fresh perspective. At the end of the day, it is important to remember what actually matters. Always spread positivity in your life, both online and offline.

What are the different ways you deal with social media negativity?

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