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jessica wang wearing an argyle sweater with velour pants and colorful jewelry // Jessica Wang -

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A new accessory trend has emerged and it is quite a y2k throwback. I am talking about the sudden influx of colorful, chunky – dare I say, tacky (in a good way) jewelry that is far from the more minimal, subdued pieces we have seen in the recent years. Maybe because they invoke the innocence of childhood since some remind me of handmade friendship bracelets. Or maybe because they are simply fun and add a spark of joy in your everyday wear. Whatever the reason behind the rise in popularity of this particular look, I am here wholeheartedly to say that I dig the colorful jewelry trend! It is such an eclectic look and will be great accouterments to your summer wardrobe. So where can you cop some of your own brightly hued rings and necklaces? I rounded up a few resources so you can invest in your own mix-and-match colorful jewelry stack!

jessica wang wearing large hex hoop earrings with an etro outfit // Jessica Wang -


Support some smaller artisans by shopping the colorful jewelry trend via Etsy. They have such an expanse of different items that will all trigger that nostalgic, childhood feeling. These fruit resin rings and flower rings definitely remind me of styles I might have worn as a child! Or remember when ‘arm candy’ was a popular hashtag? Stacking multiple colorful resin bangles and beaded bracelets definitely takes me back to that trend that arose when instagram bloggers first became a thing!

jessica wang wearing green booties with colorful jewelry // Jessica Wang -


Anthropologie is already known for its eclectic and boho style, so I am happy to see they adopted the colorful jewelry trend into their collection as well! The item that immediately caught my eye is this stunning resin chain necklace that features a variety of bold colors. It practically has the entire rainbow within it, making it a really funky piece you could mix-and-match with just about any outfit! Anthropologie also has a few additional, equally colorful bracelets and earrings you could also snag to add some brightness to your jewelry collection.

jessica wang wearing a missoni outfit at fashion week with colorful jewelry // Jessica Wang -


If you are looking for a more subdued take on this bold trend, definitely check out Madewell’s accessory line. I find that they pay homage to the trend without being too in your face. For instance, these more minimal, resin earrings or this simple beaded pendant necklace. These picks will allow you to get in on the colorful jewelry movement, while also still allowing you to style them with the minimal pieces you probably already own. Do not be afraid to layer up on the jewelry!

jessica wang wearing an orange floral dress with colorful jewelry // Jessica Wang -

Amazon: Mix of Everything

Of course – Amazon has everything under the sun, including the blooming colorful jewelry trend. In fact, if you are looking to experiment with this trend, they do have a variety of resin ring sets where you can get multiple styles in one purchase. Or grab a multi-colored beaded necklace (also love this one and this one). I have been seeing these worn with other beaded styles for a more layered look too. This trend is all about making fashion a little more relaxed and fun – a reminder that not everything has to be taken too seriously or literal. Amazon is a great place to start if you are just looking to dip your toes into the trend!

jessica wang wearing a faux leather yellow trench coat with colorful jewelry // Jessica Wang -

Urban Outfitters

For high-quality colored accessories that are friendly on the wallet, look no further than Urban Outfitters. They have a variety of colorful jewelry that feels entirely unique and special – so much so that you will probably receive several compliments or inquiries each time you wear one. If I could think of one word that embodies their jewelry, it’d be nostalgic. How incredibly cute are these earrings, these beaded bracelets (genuine stone btw), and this necklace?

Are you harping on the colored jewelry trend yet?

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