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most comfortable shoe trends featuring nike air max react sneakers //

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Let’s face it, sometimes we make a lot of sacrifices for the sake of fashion. I will be the first to admit that not every single look I have sported and taken photos in has been the most comfortable thing to wear. Some ephemeral fashion trends are merely for the sake of looking good and that is it. That being said, I am all about prioritizing comfort as much as I can. As we get ready to prepare our spring wardrobes, I wanted to dissect this upcoming season’s shoe trends that are still fashionable but also just as comfy! So what are you waiting for? Here are the most comfortable Spring 2020 footwear options.

most comfortable shoe trends featuring espadrille sandals // Notjessfashion.comEspadrilles

I was jumping for joy when I noticed the espadrilles was making its’ way back into the trends report for SS 2020. Honestly, this shoe is the epitome of laid-back, summer vibes and pairs well with everything from jeans and a tee to a flowy dress. Luckily, this trendy spring shoe is also not taxing on the wearer. Their soft rope bottom makes wearing these babies all day a walk in the park. If you are looking for a more dressy alternative to slides or flip flops, make it a point to invest in some espadrilles before the spring season is fully upon us!

most comfortable shoe trends featuring white mule loafers and pink plaid skirt // Notjessfashion.comUpdated Loafer

Everyone is talking about the revival of the loafer. Everything from croc-embossed to patent leather is being introduced in this timeless, boxy silhouette. I have been seeing a ton of heeled options but the flat styled loafers are just as trendy. The loafer is handy because of its versatility. You can opt to style it casually for weekend wear or it acts as the perfect everyday option to wear to the office. Whether you settle on oxford-style or penny loafers, this is a comfortable shoe trend you’ll want to take advantage of.

most comfortable shoe trends featuring chain ankle sandals //

Chain Accent

In terms of footwear embellishments, spring and summer is going to be all about the chain accent. Whether there is a chain across the toe of the shoe or incorporated into an ankle strap, you can 100% bet that this look will be everywhere. I think it grew to be so popular because it is an easy way to amp up any shoe design to something more edgy and cool. This chain detail is not just for tall heels either. There are plenty of comfortable options such as chain accented loafers, boots and sandals.

most comfortable shoe trends featuring stella mccartney platform sneakers // Notjessfashion.comPlatform Sneakers

One of my favorite comfortable shoe trends on the rise is the platform shoe. I am talking monster heeled boots and sandals that give you an instant height boost. Obviously, platform heels and boots are not the most practical, comfortable choice but you can still try out this trend in the form of sneakers. Platform sneakers are just as trendy this season and are a great way to elevate your everyday shoe option.

most comfortable shoe trends featuring white feathered wedges // Notjessfashion.comWedges

Wedges are back and sexier than ever. To be honest, I never thought I’d catch myself wearing these again, but they’re redesigned in such an elegant way that it’s hard to say no. The wedged bottom instantly translates to more comfortable shoes so you can look chic without straining your feet. They look great with dresses, cropped pants, and even mini skirts. I’ll definitely be wearing lots of them this season.

Which comfortable shoe trends are you looking forward to most?

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