Spring Getaway Outfits For Every Type of Girl

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Get your bags ready and sunglasses too, we’re going on a spring getaway! Every girl needs a getaway. And spring is the perfect time for it. The only problem? There are many different types, not every spring getaway needs the same items in her suitcase. Here’s your guide to a spring getaway outfit, for every type of girl. You know which one you are!


The One That’s Ready To Go ALL OUT

Pink sand beaches, blue skies and dreamy pastel houses, this island’s got it all!

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You’re always ready to make a statement, no matter where you are. So you pack with a little more thought. Quirky, comfortable dresses and matching pieces or jumpsuits with a pair of espadrilles sandals are perfect for your getaway. Also, pack some fun jewelry and bold shades to add a little pop of glamor.


The Last Minute Packer

Garden romance

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You were going to pack the night before, but then you decided to watch another five episodes of a show you’ve already seen on Netflix instead. So, you have to leave for the airport in twenty minutes and you’re in a panic. As always. The last minute packer has to pack the easy essentials: striped tees, rompers, a relaxed dress and easy pants! With those, you’re all set for your entire trip, and you’ll probably have about 15 minutes left to procrastinate until you leave at the very last second!


The Explorer

Dreamy spot in the Hamptons

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Your spring getaway is all about going out and seeing everything your destination has to offer. It’s about comfort more than it is about fashion, but that doesn’t have to mean you have to sacrifice impeccable style while you’re away! Athleisure is the way to go. Pack some sneakers, comfy clothes—like the simple off the shoulders and cutoff shorts. For a more stylish casual look, you can try overalls or a jumpsuit. And don’t forget a tote bag. You’ll need to carry everything you need while you’re out, like a water bottle and some snacks.


The Relaxer

Golden tans, salty water and sun-shiney days ☀️✨🍹 Outfit deets 👉

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Your spring getaway is all about relaxation. Sleeping in, then sleeping on the beach. You didn’t go out of town to do more work than you do at home. You need a fabulous sun hat to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, bathing suits, and cover-ups. Pack a few dresses in case you go out for dinner, but be honest: you will be in a bathing suit all the time, so you’ll definitely need more than one.


The One Who Knows What They Want

Mood 💛

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You go into your spring getaway knowing what you’re going to get out of it: a good time, great memories, and maybe some new friends. Your primary concern is having a good time, but you also want to look good. The best option for you is to pack some day looks—like rompers, casual dresses, and also pack some more elevated looks for night, like a sexy dress and a pair of heels.


The One With A Plan (or Two)

Taco truck at @fsoahu 🌮😋? Genius! #fsoahu

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Don’t be shy: you know who you are. You have a plan A itinerary, and a plan B itinerary. You know, just in case everything doesn’t go as planned! You’re a planner, even on your getaways. You gotta pack a little of everything to squeeze in every aspect for your vacay: exploring, relaxing, having fun. So you need a little black dress, a white dress, and comfy footwear that can be dressed up like open toe booties or a block heel sandal.

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