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New Trench Coat Styles to Try in Spring 2018 - Classic Trench //

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As the season transitions from winter to spring, it is sometimes difficult to find the perfect outerwear when the temperatures are gradually rising but there is still a lingering chill in the air. Luckily, one of the trendiest jackets for 2018 is the updated trench coat. This is the perfect transitional outerwear as it can still shield you from the cold, but also has the advantage of not being too heavy to wear. Trench coats are the epitome of classic, but lately we have been seeing updated ones that stray from the traditional style – and are definitely worth investing in.

To give your Spring outerwear an upgrade, here are three new trench coat styles you must try this season:

New Trench Coat Styles to Try in Spring 2018 - Leather Trench Coat //

1. Leather Trench Coat

There is nothing quite like revamping a classic style than replacing the fabric with a bold leather option. Don’t fret for it is not as Matrix-esque as you might think. Spring/Summer 2018 runways featured updated trench coats in a variety of fashionable leather options including bold colors and high-shine black. I love this style over dresses or mini skirts – keep the legs bare for a statement-making look.

Photo by TZR

2. Colored Trench Coat

Through Burberry popularized the trench in the infamous tan beige shade, we are seeing a lot more of this classic silhouette in an array of new colors.

All black trench coat options are a great choice if you want to elevate your everyday outfit with a touch of mystery and allure. Score extra bonus points with a printed piece like the one I wore at London Fashion Week. But, don’t underestimate trench coats in pastels, prints and light neutrals. They’re are just as relevant these days.

New Trench Coat Styles to Try in Spring 2018 - Burberry Plaid Trench Coat //

New Trench Coat Styles to Try in Spring 2018 - Pastel Trench Coat //

New Trench Coat Styles to Try in Spring 2018 - PVC Trench Coat //

PVC Trench Coat

Designers have reinvented the trench coat with the ever-popular PVC trend that has been recently dominating the fashion world. This option is for those who want to make a statement. A full length trench coat in a completely transparent material is meant to be stylish. It serves the purpose as providing an outer layer of warmth, but is unique in itself because it still lets you show off the entirety of your outfit! Layer it over your classic trench on chilly days or alone on steamy, rainy days.

Photo by Collage Vintage


Whether or not you decide to invest in a trend-worthy trench coat or if you prefer to stick to the classics, there is no doubt it is a great investment piece. It spruces up any outfit, whether it be day or night, and is a great layering device. No matter what, trench coats are here for the long haul and will be able to remain in your wardrobe rotation for a longtime.

What do you think of the season’s new trench coat styles?

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