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A new year can be a great time to reinvent a new personal style, but sometimes we find ourselves in a total rut when it comes to figuring out what to wear. I’ll find myself convinced that I have nothing to wear, even when my closet is bursting with clothes. Or just frankly bored with the go-to’s I’ve gotten myself so used to. If you’re feeling the same way, here is how to get out of a winter style rut…

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Revamp old pieces with new shoes and accessories

You’d be surprised what a statement earring can do to a basic top, or how changing your style of shoes can transform the entire vibe of your outfit. Investing in a few new pieces of jewelry and shoes can work wonders for creating variety in looks you can create with clothes you already have. Swap your boots for sneakers, and see what happens. Or trade your sandals for some pointy-toed flats. Just experiment and see what new qualities a new pair of shoes can evoke in an outfit.

Seek new style icons and muses

Inspiration really is everywhere. Nowadays, we don’t just have to rely fashion magazines. We have millions of images at our fingertips, on Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs. Start a board of looks you want to try, and make a list of what you already have and what you need to get to complete the look.

I find so much inspiration from fashion editors, stylists, and new brands. So if there’s somebody you admire, someone who has a similar body type, or even someone whose style you enjoy but feel is too far out of your comfort zone – determine what you really like about what they wear, and borrow those ideas and make them your own. It’s so fun to hunt around and borrow new inventive looks.

TV shows, or art, or anything visual really can also re-inspire your love for putting outfits together…check out my outfits inspired by The Marvelous Mrs Maisel!

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Re-work your closet

When your closet is too full or disorganized, finding good outfits becomes way too complicated. Every few months, I like to go through my closet and evaluate the pieces I have. If there’s anything you really like but have been too intimidated to wear, haven’t worn in a long time, or can’t figure out how to style – bring those pieces to the forefront and incorporate them into your outfit. A few “new” pieces you may have neglected or forgotten about can transform your look. Winter can be an expensive season to shop for, so I’m always looking for ways to style something I already own in a completely different way.

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Try new trends

Look at current trends and see if there are a few elements that you can visualize yourself incorporating, either through pieces you already own or some new pieces. Remember when snakeskin boots first grew in popularity – and when the fashion world first caught whiff of that leather printed slip skirt? Those are the moments that should capture your attention and encourage you to try something new. My eyes are currently on puff sleeves and suit separates, especially skirts and shorts.

Change up your beauty game

Sometimes, getting out of a style rut is as simple as changing your look (not just a few pieces from your wardrobe). A new haircut, hair color, or lipstick can change your complete look and inspire you to try new outfits. If you’ve always had long hair, maybe it’s time to go for that lob. Or if you’re tired of short tresses, try out new longer style.

How do you stay inspired throughout winter?

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